Introducing Team LightHouse

Who We Are & How We Started The Company

April 29, 2024 | Zuwei Sun

We are a group of young and talented quantitative researchers and engineers who came from top-tier hedge funds and tech giants such as TwoSigma, Citadel, Tower Research and Google. As quantitative investment strategies gain broader recognition, we are surprised by the scarcity of accessible resources for the average retail investor. LightHouse is founded with a mission to dismantle access barriers for the mass market with our top-tier infrastructures, single-digit microsecond Order Management System and high-Sharpe-ratio strategies*.

Our Journey

Estelle and Zuwei, the cofounders of LightHouse, have maintained close friendship since 2010. They are both full scholars at the National University of Singapore and continued their study at Carnegie Mellon University.

Estelle has built stellar track record since 2017 through her experience with top-tier quantitative hedge funds/proprietary trading firms such as Two Sigma, Quantlab, Engineers. Zuwei began her career as a Google engineer before transitioning to lead the product team of a Singapore-based wealth-tech startup, Look Capital, scaling it from inception to 1 billion USD in assets under management within a year.

The two co-founders, who developed exceptional strategies and products for high-net-worth individuals and institutions, recognized a significant gap in the diversity and quality of investment options available to the mass market, despite being retail investors themselves. They observed that for retail investors, nearly all available passive investment strategies resemble ETF-like portfolios, which are infrequently adjusted.

Quantitative strategies, on the other side, is a smarter approach by utilizing advanced algorithms and real-time data to actively adapt to market conditions. Therefore, these strategies can enable more active trading, potentially enhancing returns and reducing risks.

Estelle and Zuwei, as retail investors themselves, resonate with their peers. They envision a future where passive investment platforms gradually transform the wealth management industry, enabling a democratization of services and asset classes for the mass market. And they are entering the arena by creating the first hedge-fund grade investment platform dedicated to quantitative strategies.

How LightHouse Works

LightHouse is built to let people invest confidently and have more time to focus on what truly matters in their life, secure in the knowledge that their investments are being managed efficiently and intelligently.

The experience at LightHouse is the same as other robo-advisors like Wealthfront and Betterment. LightHouse gathers information from investors regarding their investment goals, risk appetite and investment preferences. Based on gathered information, the platform propose a portfolio of strategies exclusive at LightHouse for investors to make adjustments and invest in.

Join Our Waitlist

We are running in-house strategies and rolling them out to customers in phases. To start using LightHouse and learn more about our strategies, please indicate your interest here or get in touch with us at .


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